by Bird People



Jehu and Chinaman:
Ulrich Rois (Feathered Coyote Records) returns in his space-faring Bird People guise, this time with three heavy psych numbers that traverse the outer outer reaches of the unknown universe and commit to ill-advised sonic dalliances with some of the more foreboding deep space phenomena in order to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Thick, hazy and pulsating vaguely, Rois's hypnotic drones have a preternatural knack for bringing to reality sounds the average human being can only ever have experienced on the very edges of consciousness, like psychedelic dog whistles for the astronomically inclined. Beamed down directly from the centre of exploding stars, Terma is Bird People's loudest and most intense release to date, performed on esraj, synths, organs, guitars and drum machines and honed during his recent tour of Europe with A Story of Rats. In his own words, Bird People's Terma “attempts to evoke a feeling of exploration beyond the boundaries of the known” by tuning into the Buddhist tradition of “hidden treasures” and the continuous state of revelation gained by their discovery through deep thinking.

Terma features specially commissioned artwork by Tiny Little Hammers. It will be released on strictly limited pro—dubbed orange cassette on 7th October and will be available digitally from 14th October through Boomkat.com.
released October 7, 2013


released February 22, 2014

all instruments by Ulrich Rois
recorded and mixed by Ulrich Rois



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