Evening Star

by Bird People



On their fifth release in one year, the 10-inch EP Evening Star Bird People deliver somewhat of an overview of their musical universe. Focusing on 6 relatively concise songs, they touch on many of their musical influences, from psychedelic rock (“Evening Star”) to acoustic ballads with open tunings (“Old Song”) and free form improvisation (“Procession of Invisible Beings Before the Light”).
Thematically, the EP revisits some of the themes of their earlier releases, like Native American myths and the relation between people and nature. This time around, there is a special focus on the renewing and cyclical aspect of life. This is reflected in almost every aspect of the release, from the lyrics, which deal with things like fertility rites, the magical capacities of music and post-human evolution, to the running order of the songs and the artwork.
After the overdub-heavy The Coming of the Trickster God, the solo Horse Thief In a One-Horse Town and the all-improvisational Crème Brûlée and Deer Tracks In the Snow (Slow Return) the Evening Star EP presents the current Bird People live-band in a live-in-the-studio setting. The basic tracks for four of the six songs (including vocals) were recorded live at a single studio session in November 2011. Overdubs (backing vocals, organ, assorted stringed instruments, percussion, and more guitars) were added on several occasions during November and December. “Darkest Night” is a solo-creation by Uli and “Procession” is an edit from a longer improvisational piece by Phil and Uli with overdubbed saxophone.


released May 18, 2012

all songs by ulrich rois, except “Bird & Bear” and “Procession” by ulrich rois and phillip schmiedlechner
all the musicians wrote their parts themselves
produced by bird people
mixed by the horned bird at maximum lime studios
recorded november - december 2011
copyright 2012 bird people, feathered coyote records

n.d. - drums, percussion, vocals
mr. insalata - bass, electric guitar, synth, vocals
ulysses garuda - electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, organ, synth, saz, banjo, percussion, alto sax
toni traubensaft - cello, vocals
serge öhn - tambourine



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